UJN Statement on rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe

UJN Statement on rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in Europe


The Universal Justice Network (UJN) is extremely concerned by the ever increasing level of anti-Muslim sentiment and hate being promoted in Europe. There is not a month that goes by some level of fascist bigotry being promoted under the banner of challenging Islam and extremism. We have all been shocked by the murder of Marwa El-Sherbini in Germany, the weekly and monthly attacks on mosques in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Denmark etc and the racist and Islamaphobic referendum of Switzerland where the referendum itself was totally unacceptable let alone the result of it. The constant barrage of bigotry and the rise of extreme right fascist groups in Scandinavia, France, Britain, Netherlands etc has escalated this demonization process to the level which is extremely alarming.

When would we have ever thought that there comes a day in Europe we will question again the legitimacy and acceptability of a religious group whether they could be part of Europe or not. Can we imagine the same sentiment shown towards Catholics or Jews and keep silent. Do we not realise ethnic cleansing and genocide becomes possible when the demonization process prevails and legitimised. When will European authorities begin to act so that they will protect all of its citizens and its so-called principles. What has happened to ‘never again’, has it become an empty slogan or something we need to work for?

We at the UJN demand in the name of justice and equality and cohesion to put an end to these legitimised bigotry in the name of freedom and modernity.

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