Fact Finding Mission to Egypt and Tunisia

Fact Finding Mission to Egypt and Tunisia


Between 22nd and 29th November 2011, the London secretariat of the Universal Justice Network (UJN) sent a delegation to Egypt and Tunisia on a fact-finding mission during the post-revolution period. The delegation included IHRC chair and representative of the London secretariat of UJN Massoud Shadjareh, and representative of the Malaysian secretariat of the UJN Mohideen Abdulkader.  Download the report UJN Egypt and Tunisia Report (External).

The purpose of this mission was to assess the ways in which support may be provided to the countries‟ civil societies in light of the „Islamic Awakening‟ and post-revolution period. This is to ensure the formation of a direct relationship between Egypt, Tunisia and UJN. By doing so, the skills and knowledge needed to establish an Islamic model of justice and human rights can take root throughout society.

The following report highlights their findings based on interviews with political representatives, civil society groups, movements and individuals they came across. It offers insight to the different perspectives of Egypt and Tunisia‟s citizens in the building of their countries in this new period in history.

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