New report: Report on Fact-Finding Mission in Egypt

New report: Report on Fact-Finding Mission in Egypt


Published October 2011 / 16pp / Islamic Human Rights Commission / Free Download

Between 7th and 11th March in 2011, the London secretariat of the Universal Justice Network (UJN) sent a delegation to Egypt on a fact-finding mission during the ‘Islamic awakening’. The delegation included IHRC chair and representative of the London secretariat of UJN Massoud Shadjareh, IHRC campaigns officer Salma Ashraf, member of UJN and elected Imam of the Islamic Centre of Washington Mohamed al-Asi, and representative of the Malaysian secretariat of the UJN Mohideen Abdulkader.

The purpose of this mission was to gauge public opinion during one of the most turbulent periods in modern Egypt’s history.

The following report details their findings based on interactions with political parties, civil-society groups, movements and individuals that it came across. It offers an insight into the ideologies and demands of the people now paving the way to a new Egypt.

The report will also detail some of the crimes perpetrated by the Mubarak regime against the Egyptian people.

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