Round table meeting on Ummah Unity, 2011

Round table meeting on Ummah Unity, 2011


This UJN meeting took place 2-3 July 2011, in Penang, Malaysia.

The conference brought together members and non-members of the network from different countries and movements in an attempt to tackle divisions base don sectarian and national lines that hamper progress towards a just world.

Watch the opening presentations from Mohideen AbdelKader (Citizens International) and Massoud Shadjareh (IHRC) below. A gallery of photographs can be found below the video.

Participants included: Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar (Egypt / Turkey), Azhar bin Ahmad (Malaysia), Fahad Ansari (UK), Moazzam Begg (UK), Rima Fakhry (Lebanon), Muhammad Nur Manuty (Malaysia), Mokhtar Shafii (Malaysia), Heru Susetyo (Indonesia).  Videos from these participants follow at the end of the page.

Facilitators included:  Syed Idris Muhammad, Massoud Shadjareh, Mohideen Abdel Kader, Imam Muhammad al-Asi, Massoumeh Rogani, Arzu Merali, Ahmed Uddin, Sheikh Azmi, Raza Kazim.


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